• Holidays: Mark Holidays independently for different class sections. Mark holidays for multiple days (Ex: Summer Vacation) for the whole school.
  • Special Days: Define day as a special day, which is a working day when all students will be marked present (Ex: Sports Day, parent’s meeting, etc).
  • Leave: Manage scholar leaves with reason.
  • Daily Attendance: Mark Attendance by roll number or scholar number. Instantly inform parents via App and SMS. Enter attendance via Excel.
  • Monthly Report: Attendance grid for every class section with days as columns and students as rows. Session and month percentage with details of gender and caste at the bottom. Exportable to excel and pdf.
  • Filtering Report: Filter attendance based on attendance percentage, RTE, or continuous absence. Generate appreciation cards.
  • Daily Summary: Single page report to show daily absent, leave, and percentages class section-wise and overall for each day.



Classwise Attendance

Every class teacher will only mark attendance for the assigned class and it’s so easy that you just need to mark absent students.

Mass Attendance

You can mark the attendance in bulk to ensure that the student’s records are on track.

Application and Approval of Leave

Application of leaves and its approval is made very simpler and easier via using mobile apps only a few authorized people can approve it.

Biometric attendance and automatic notification

Using Biometric devices, you are sure to have your students and parents amazed as when they tap in the parents will receive a notification instantly.

Internet of Things

eSchoolApp system can connect with variety of Hardware devices for data automation. This gives transparent and reliable reports without the need of human intervention for data entry. For more details click here. All hardware offered by us has been extensively tested to work with eschoolapp. For prices please click here


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